Few things pose such an acute risk of carpel tunnel than forms at the start of a new school year. Basic family information, doctor and dentist info, transportation data, and the PE authorization form that explores a dizzying array of potential health conditions.  And that’s before you even get to the school district’s code of conduct and any individual teacher/grade level policy sheets.

It’s a lot of writing.

Plus you have to balance the older child’s right to privacy against the school’s need to know.

“I understood that a large part of middle school’s appeal was that it gave T-man a chance to start fresh.  To decide for himself how much of his personal story he would share at school and what he’d prefer to keep separate.  Shoot, being in a much larger environment with kids who hadn’t known him since kindergarten was one of the perks I’d talk about when T-man got nervous.

And then the teacher forms came home.”

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