gratitude: cool fall dinners

About four years ago we finally took the plunge and hit a sale at Sears to bring home some pretty patio furniture.  Since we moved into this house back in 2009 you’d think we were replacing something old or beat up, but nope.  For three years I’d open the back door to let the dogs out and see them streak across an empty patio, past the grill, and into the yard.

I didn’t think much about it since I’m not a fan of either bugs or heat, both of which seem to be integral parts of the patio furniture experience.  Especially in North Carolina.  Plus as far as I was concerned it just gave the dogs more room to run.  Win/win.

Eventually we decided real grownups own patio furniture, though, which is how we ended up with the lovely set sitting outside as we speak.  A table with comfy chairs and a big umbrella to give us a bit of shade.  Conceptually, anyway.  If we were willing to sit outside in the heat with the bugs and humidity.  Which I’m usually not.  So for four years I watched the patio set sit pretty, cushions fading a bit in the sun but otherwise holding up well.

This week the moment finally came, though.  It wasn’t a gazillion degrees at 7:30pm, and BrightSide had grilled some delicious chicken, and we’d thrown together a patio friendly meal. Shocker of shockers, I even had citronella candles!  Clearly, it was a sign.  After four years we were finally meant to break in the patio furniture.

BrightSide, T-man, Bear, and I had a lovely dinner together outside.  Gracie and Phoebe chased each other wildly around the table and through the yard.  (Ever tried to concentrate on a blessing over the snarling of dogs at play?  I have.  Not easy.)  We watched the moon sliver grow brighter as we talked about this and that, and while I may have seen a bug or two the candles kept them at bay.

It’s clear to me now that I’m really a fall and spring sort of girl, especially when it comes to patio furniture.  The companies might market it for summer cookouts, but I find the oppressive heat and sweat pooling in my back makes for poor eating conditions.  So I’m just going to cross off June, July, and August in favor of the milder months.

This could be the start of a wonderful tradition.

My entry as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.

9 thoughts on “gratitude: cool fall dinners

  1. So true. We have a set that is in pretty good shape, 20 years old, but only because I am overprotective with those cushions, bringing them in at night and during bad weather. We rarely use it in summer, Spring and Fall…quite a lot. Heat, bugs have kept us away !

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  2. I must admit my envy. We have had three very nice backyards, and never have we ever owned patio furniture! We had a picnic table once, and a mini plastic version for the kids… We have always had chairs, but we’ve never had like, actual patio furniture. I’m never sure we’d use it, for the reasons you mentioned. Seems a waste of a huge patio or deck, doesn’t it? *shrugs* Maybe one day. 🙂

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  3. Well, all that summer stuff went on sale at Labor Day…. 🙂
    We kept going to people’s houses & they had patio tables with these huge umbrellas that gave you some shade, & it seemed kind of nice. Can you believe I forgot how we lost the last set?? We used to have just two lounge chairs made of some kind of woven material until puppy Gracie CHEWED THEM UP. For heaven’s sake…


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