One of the the things I love about photography is playing with points of view.  The subject’s, the photographer’s, the composition of the picture itself.  There are so many different ways to look at something beautiful.

I love catching the way someone else is seeing the world.  Some of these highlight how my kids are looking at the world around them; some play with a unique perspective through depth of field or angle of the shot.  Each one makes me think about what they’re thinking about, and that’s pretty cool.

These shots captured interesting points of view or neat angles.  I loved the undulating curves of the serpentine walls, the view through Güell Park’s columns, the mirror reflection in the lake. Catching a unique ocean view or stunning sunset takes me back to those moments in time when something breathtaking caught my eye.

Profiles, partially obscured faces, bodies in motion.  Fishing line in flight, water droplets splashing, loving snuggles and strong girls.  All shots that make me feel something deep inside when I view them.

SoCS 2

Check out Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturdays for info on her free writing blog post prompts.  This week’s prompt: view.