A new take on Stream of Consciousness.  Let’s loosen the reins.  This week’s prompt is “bus” – either as is or as part of another word.

** I’m going with Bear on her D.C. trip this fall, and we know what that means.  About twelve hours on a bus with a bunch of fifth graders and their parents.  The fifth graders may be annoying, but I can handle that.  The thought of making small talk for a large portion of that drive time?  That gives me hives.

** I’m thinking we should erase the word busy from our everyday conversation.  Everyone’s busy…or at least I can’t think of anyone who’d say, “You know, I really don’t have enough to keep me busy during the day.”  We’re all running at breakneck speed, and we love to talk about it.  But maybe if we erased the word busy and accepted the fact that we’re doing what we’ve taken on in our lives…well, maybe then we’ll reconsider if everything that keeps us oh so busy is really all that critical.

** BrightSide and I got hardcore busted the other night.  T-man was looking for the sugar/cinnamon mixture for toast and was poking around in the baking cabinet.  Now, I want to commend his independence for thinking logically about where that item might be.  The only problem is that BrightSide had brought me home some sanity sugar a few days before, and he’d hidden it inside the bundt pan on the very top shelf of that cabinet.  It was foolproof.  You need a stepladder just to reach the top shelf, for heaven’s sake.  Which is why both of our mouths dropped open when T-man marched into the family room, SweeTarts mini chewy bag held high, with a “WHAT is THIS?!?” look all over his face.  B-u-s-t-e-d.

** You know a term I’d never heard before moving south?  Bush hog.  Thank God for my English major deductive skills or I never would have known what on earth BrightSide’s parents were talking about the first time this came up.  Bush?  Hogs?  What on earth does one have to do with the other?  And where did this name even come from??

** For a creative I am oddly drawn to some things from the business world.  Not the power suits or board meetings, but a really great planner?  I love those.  And briefcases.  Oh, a beautiful leather briefcase is breathtaking – totally useless in my day to day life, but breathtaking.  I’m also strangely drawn to yellow legal pads.  I’m not sure if it’s the sunshine color or the limitless space for writing, but you can be sure we don’t run out of legal pads in our house.

** I can’t help wondering if it was a man who created the bustle.  Talk about a fashion statement gone wrong.  (If you’re a girl who loves a good bustle, more power to you.)  The one and only bustle I’ve worn in my entire life was on my wedding dress.  Now, it did allow me to dance without tripping on a train, but other than that?  It makes your butt look huge and going to the bathroom becomes all but impossible.  I’m putting this one in the no-no pile.

SoCS 2

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