“During the night, angels stared down through the stars into Jacob’s world.  They watched him sleep.  They commented on the way his body folded on the bed.  They liked this man.  They drew their wings over him and stood guard by his soul.”

– Noah Benshea

There are those who walk among us who are simply Beyond.  They feel more deeply; they see more clearly.  Being near them stirs feelings of warmth and goodness to the depths of your soul.

They embody the best in all of us, a spirit of humanity that all too often gets lost in the world’s pain as it’s splashed across the news cycle.  A spirit that’s been buried.

When you meet one of these people – someone who carries the blessing of one who understands more than most will ever know – be still.  Stand in the light and witness the beauty of a soul at peace.

Then stand guard.