Others might argue with me, but it sure does feel like I land myself in a lot of sticky situations. As if awkward isn’t a character trait so much as a way of life for me.

Seven- to nine-year-old soccer player, fast as the wind, but all gangly limbs and jagged edges as I tried to prove girls could be just as awesome as the boys.  (Well, duh.)

Fifteen-year-old girl, lost in her own skin, feeling awkward and out of place basically everywhere.  Walking into the cafeteria, changing in the locker room, walking through the halls between classes…a stranger in my own skin, desperate to feel like I belong.

Wandering through college, trying to assert my independence and grow into myself, still having those days when I felt like nothing more than an imposter inside my own skin.  Standing awkwardly at parties, walking with eyes down to class.  There were times when I felt so out of place I practically itched.

Even now, as a grown up, there are situations in which that feeling sweeps over me again.  Like I’m all knees and elbows, gangly as a schoolgirl and just as insecure.  Sitting awkwardly in large meetings, feeling anxiety all the way down to my toes as I try to fit myself in the space.

Awkward is no fun.  In fact, it’s one of the most uncomfortable feelings I have to sit through, especially when I feel like eyes are on me.  Too bad it’s such a common stage for girls to go through…

SoCS 2

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