I love a good blog.  Ones that make me laugh or cry, think about something in a different way, or simply appreciate the power of words written beautifully – they’re a precious gift.  Some I’ve found through Facebook, others through the community of bloggers on WordPress, but I enjoy them all for different reasons.  And if I’m following a blog it’s because that person’s work moves me.

So why am I such a crappy blogger friend?

Yeah, I’m owning this.  There are bloggers who support RFTM…who visit, check out what I’m up to, sometimes leave their thoughts behind…and they’re a loyal group.  We notice when someone’s been gone for too long, or if a post seems particularly off, and we’re not afraid to ask if everything’s okay.

It’s a blessing, but one I’m not great at reciprocating daily.  I get lost in the muck of things – pets, errands, doctor’s appointments, volunteering, singing, writing, laundry – all the things it takes to keep a life spinning, and reading blogs often falls into the “when I get a chance” category.  And we all know how that usually works out.

For me, that usually means every three to four days I throw up my hands and say Enough!  I’m out of touch.  If BrightSide asks what I’m doing in those blocks I’ll tell him “blogger networking,” mostly because it’s simpler than saying I’ve disappeared for too long, I need to check in, so I’m binge reading blogs.  (Also, because “networking” makes it sound slightly less flighty than serial blog post consumption.)

If you’re one of my blogger friends and have noticed this odd week on, week off pattern, it’s not because I’ve suddenly realized I don’t give a rat’s patootie what you’re writing/posting.  The world has gotten the best of me but I’ll be back soon.

I know there’ll come a day when the schedule nuttiness of two kids, two dogs, a household, and me will ease, and maybe then I’ll finally be able to set aside an hour a day for checking in with all of you wonderful folks.  Until then, I guess I’ll keep on binge reading.

ps – I totally acknowledge the irony of this post after yesterday’s “maybe we’re not as busy as we think.”  

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