Why did you start blogging?

I love to write.  Ever since I was a little girl I’d been writing in one form or another, but I’d taken a pretty long break from it.  A long time ago I wrote a play that was published, something I was really proud of, and I wanted to regain the passion I felt during that process.  Sharing my writing with others was the next step for me.

A piece of clothing you still remember?

This is weird, but the first thing that jumped into my head when I read this was my girl scout uniform.  I don’t even look particularly good in green, but there was something cool about the sash crossing across my chest and the badges my mom carefully sewed onto it.

Who are you trying to reach with your blog?

It’s a pretty large cross section when I think about it…at the top of the list is human beings with a sense of humor.  Lots of my posts have a humorous slant to them; if you don’t like to laugh, you probably won’t like my blog.  (You also can’t be easily offended by language.)  Also on the list: women, men, dog lovers, moms, dads, adoptive parents, those who were adopted, people who have weird things happen to them, people who are reassured that other folks have weird stuff happening to them, and humans entertained by random commentary about life experiences.

Is there a stuffed animal in your bedroom?

Yes.  My daughter gave me a purple monkey with velcro paws.  For months it hung fastened around the headboard, looking all cheery and purplish.  Now it lives in my bedside table.

The best birthday present ever?

Oh man, I am so old.  I actually don’t have one of these jumping to mind.  The last three incredible gifts came to me on Christmas, Mother’s Day, and one “just because.”

What would surprise me about you?

I make a killer restaurant style salsa ala The Pioneer Woman, I talk a good game but can be a little tenderhearted, and I’ve been known to give perfectly logical advice to friends that I completely ignore myself.

Bonus Question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I successfully made it through the weekend.  The baby shower was a success, I didn’t fumble the reading in church, and I (sorta) managed to hit the high note in my solo.  Bear asked me if I got it, and I told her I did good for today.  Next time I’ll do even better.

This week I’m grateful for a massive slowdown.  Last week was filled with preparations; this week I’m looking forward to taking some time for myself.


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What’s going on in your world?