This week there was a coin drive at my son’s school.  Monday was pennies, Tuesday nickels, Wednesday dimes, Thursday quarters, and Friday (bucking the coin trend) was dollars.  Seeing as it’s middle school and communication can be hit or miss we’re not entirely sure what the money was for…T-man’s best guess was “my school” but he didn’t exactly sound 100% sure so hopefully we’re helping raise money for school supplies and not, say, a new welcome mat for the front office.

But I digress.

Coin drives are a huge win for my kids because they happen to have two parents at opposite ends of the coin spectrum.  Me?  I carry a coin purse (yes, I know that makes me sound like I’m eighty) and use its contents as legal tender when I’m out and about.  On their own a dime and two pennies might not do much, but they sure come in handy when my total is $4.62.

BrightSide?  He doesn’t believe in change.  Well, it’s not so much that he doesn’t believe in it as he doesn’t carry it around.  Something about jingling in his pockets or some such nonsense.  At any rate, when he finds himself having received coins for change he tosses them in a holder (weird word, but after five minutes of trying to figure out how to describe it I’m done) in his car and forgets about it.  Unless he needs it at a drive through, but mostly the coins just chill out for a while.

Enter the moment one of the kids says “hey, I need to take coins to school.”  I’m minimally helpful in these situations – my best scenario is when someone realizes at the last minute they need fifty cents for spirit day.  Then I’m your girl.  But bulk coins?  That’s all BrightSide.

On Monday morning (‘cause why mention it over the weekend when you can wait until the morning of?) T-man announces he needs pennies so BrightSide has him bring in the coins from his car, and T-man has hit the motherlode.  It’s not until Tuesday he learns how set he is, because that’s when BrightSide gives him the change from the bedroom.  That’s right, the man has TWO coin collection spots.  What?!?  T-man’s over the moon.

Now, he couldn’t tell me what the money was specifically going for, but he felt strongly enough about it to do dollar day out of his donation jar.  Of course, that might have had something to do with the prize for the winning homeroom…something about getting breakfast from Biscuitville or a few other restaurants.

Middle school kids with a food motivator?  That’s a winning combination every time.

SoCS 2

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