My Canadian friend took notes – actual notes – during the second presidential debate so he could help us all relive the experience together.  That’s serious blogger dedication, folks.

Now, some of you might think you don’t want to relive the debate.  Maybe you think you got enough the first time around.  Maybe you didn’t watch it at all, convinced you already knew everything you needed to.  Maybe you weren’t willing to endure whatever nonsense might commence once they rang the opening bell.  Hell, maybe you just had other plans that night.

But let me say this…you so want to check out Paul’s running commentary on Sunday night’s debate.  For real, it is laugh out loud funny.  Here are just a few of the gems:

  • If you press the info button on the remote, this debate is described as: “Candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump discuss the issues.”  That’s the first lie of the night.
  • Two chairs set up on stage.  I guess a wrestling ring was too difficult to bring in?
  • The Clintons and the Trumps look like they’re sitting in a penalty box watching this debate.
  • Wolf Blitzer just suggested that the candidates might go easy on each other since their families are there.  Oh, Wolf.  You optimist, you.  It’s 2016.  Even if they weren’t there, they would know everything that’s said about them.

Warning:  You might want to tinkle before clicking this link.  I sure wish I had.

I Took Notes During The Second Presidential Debate | The Captain’s Speech