My in-laws have this cabin they built on the family land.  Well, “cabin” is a little misleading and typically adds to the confusion in these stories so we’ll revise that to “a beautiful two-story log home.”  Either way, we call it the cabin and it sits on about 120 acres of land where they grow pine trees.

At any rate, it’s lovely.  BrightSide’s mom once told me she wanted a place where no one ever yelled “Stop slamming the screen door!” and, true to her word, the sharp BANG doesn’t seem to bother her at all.  Even when the kids are visiting and that sound rings out approximately every 2.4 minutes.  She is a stronger woman than I.

Everything’s pretty easygoing there – laid back, nature all around, a look at the trees or visit the river sort of place.  There are only a few things I worry about, all of them (of course) dog related.

We’ll often bring Gracie and Phoebe along when we go to the cabin, which is basically Mecca for the canine crowd.  Endless opportunities to pee along with the smell of the great outdoors…it’s like catnip, and tails wag like metronomes set on high when we’re there.  I can only imagine the wildlife the dogs are tracking as they tromp through the woods, looking for the perfect spot to mark.

So what’s to worry about?  Well, if we take the dogs out off leash there’s is the outside possibility that they’ll bolt.  They’re pretty loyal but if they catch an irresistible scent – deer, squirrel, fox, or even bobcat – it’s even odds that they’ll take off to find the critter (or at least roll in something that smells like it).  You haven’t felt stress until you’ve wondered if your dog has disappeared for good into the woods, then wondered if she’ll go head to head with a bobcat before returning.

The cabin is far from Gracie-proofed, so there’s always a bit of anxiety when we’re inside for long periods of time.  On the upside, the main area is one large open space (family room, kitchen, eating area) so Gracie doesn’t have a lot of privacy for maneuvering.  Then again, she’s pretty speedy when it comes to snatching food off the kitchen counter so we’ve really gotta be on our toes there.

The thing that BrightSide and I truly fear, though, is that Gracie will cause structural damage. Specifically to the back porch.

This is a lovely screened in area, perfect for drinking coffee or sitting and waiting for deer. It looks back on the woods so you never know what will wander by, and it’s our deepest fear that the dogs will be hanging out on the porch while we’re having dinner when something overwhelmingly fabulous wanders by.  A deer taking an evening stroll, a squirrel running up a tree, or birds heading for the feeder…in our heart of hearts, BrightSide and I are waiting to hear the sound of Gracie’s 75 pound body crashing through the screen as she bounds after her newest playmate.

So far so good, though.  Maybe she’ll stick with stealing napkins and granola bars.

SoCS 2

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