A post on events for the average human because we still can’t get enough of the Olympics, even as Halloween draws near.  (Otherwise known as: I earmarked this two months ago and completely forgot to repost it but DAMN, we could use a few more laughs around here.)


“Synchronized Liking

When you’re out with a group and someone posts a photo and everyone in attendance takes out their phone to ‘like’ it at the same time.

High Barstool

When you’re going to sit at the bar but first you have to figure out how to get your ass on what appears to be an unusually tall barstool designed to humiliate you, so you try to shimmy up without having to do a full hop and hoist, and somehow by the grace of Guinness you make it into the seat.

Women’s Singles

When you’re a woman on your period and you eat individual slices of cheese from the package because, what, do you have a problem with that?  Are you giving me a look?  Have you never seen a woman eat slices of cheese before?” 

Olympic Events Reimagined for the Modern Mortal – Sass & Balderdash