Their day had been never ending.  Kids were vibrating with excitement, counting the minutes until they’d be allowed to put on their costumes and run free, while frazzled moms tried in vain to corral them.  There were dinners to make, costumes to fit, and nary a corkscrew in sight.

Kim stared at her daughter’s agenda, shocked to find math homework assigned on Halloween. While she 100% believed in the important role fractions play in society, surely the teacher knew any after school effort before trick or treating would be half-hearted at best.

Susan was dashing around her kitchen, trying to cook a child friendly dinner her kids would actually eat before walking the neighborhood.  Nutrition is important, even on national holidays.  Especially holidays involving the ingestion of enormous amounts of sugar.  Little Kaitlyn tugged at mom’s skirt, demanding to don her princess dress and tiara, while Ben poked the dog repeatedly with his pirate sword.

Dana had finished decking out child #1 in her penguin costume and was starting the face paint for child #2 when the doorbell rang.  A quick glance out back reassured her it was still afternoon with no sign of twilight on the horizon.  Who could possibly be at the door during the witching hour before trick or treat time?  Dana opened the door to find two pint sized Cinderellas, staring wide eyed as they shouted “TRICK OR TREAT!” and held up their bags.  Dana passed out candy while mentally cursing the parent who’d broken the mom code and brought these munchkins out early.  She then turned to face her own pack, kids who were furious that trick or treating had started without them.

After half an hour begging her children to eat something, 45 minutes wrestling them into costumes, 10 minutes fixing last minute tears, and 20 minutes locating the trick-or-treat bags of equal size, Megan finally left the house with her three kids in tow.  Within the hour one was “starving”, another was limping in her cowboy boots, and the third complained loudly about being cold despite having adamantly refused to bring a coat.  Megan bravely pushed on, fully aware that a return to the house would change these complaints to a chorus of “MOM!!!  How come we have to go in before the littler kids?!”

An hour after sundown these four moms converged on Maple and Vine.  With kids hopped up on sugar, two littles passed out in wagons, and older ones still raring to go, the moms gave each other the look of those deep in the trenches.  A kindly neighbor appeared with four glasses of wine and these weary women toasted – to stolen chocolate, to sturdy costumes, to comfortable walking shoes – before gathering their broods to forge onward into the night.


May Halloween bring you extra Snickers to sneak, blister blocking socks, and the fortitude to withstand both pre-event hyperactivity and sugar crash drama.