It’s November 1st.  We have survived another year of trick or treat madness in the neighborhood, and now the kids have a candy stash that will hold them ’til Christmas.

But…they’re off busy with the learning at school today and they (rather foolishly) left their candy buckets unattended.  Bwahahahahaha!

“Not all candy was created equal, and that’s never more apparent than when you’re nursing a tummy ache.  Certain candy tummy aches provide a strange sense of accomplishment, while others feel like a monumental failing.  It goes without saying that you shouldn’t make candy binges a habit, but if you’re planning on reliving your golden years eating treats out of a pillowcase this Halloween, consider this ranking of the best and worst candies to eat until you can’t even think about one musketeer, let alone three.”

Ranking the Most Satisfying Stomachache Candy – Sass&Balderdash