non-gummy multivitamins & some Fig Newtons

Because I have a feeling tensions might run a bit high tomorrow…

Because, despite the “we must all come together for the good of the country” posts I keep sharing on Facebook, I dread the thought that we might wake up on Wednesday having the same freaking arguments about voter fraud and corruption and the death of America…

Because I figure we could all probably use a bit of a laugh right about now…

I bring you some Sass & Balderdash.  Enjoy.

“The true highlight of any trip is when that conveyor belt reroutes my bag to Greg who works for airport security.  All Greg knows about me is that my hairbrush was mistaken for a live hedgehog strapped to a pipe bomb in the scanner, but all that’s going to change once he opens my bag.  Once he gets his latex gloved-hands on my personal effects, he’s going to be pleasantly surprised by what an interesting, well-rounded person I am.  I curate my luggage just to ensure that the items I’ve packed send the right message about who I am as a person – or at least who I want strangers to think I am.”

Items Packed in My Luggage to Impress Airport Security – Sass & Balderdash

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