SoCS – what’s mem mean to you?

And the “mem”s have it.

membership – What a struggle this can be.  Do we want to become members?  Is it worth the money?  Is it elitist?  Should I even care?

remember – I can’t recall (yes, I see the irony) if this was a problem when I was younger, but remembering things has become a real problem.  Faces and names can be embarrassing; forgetting why I walked into a room is downright annoying.

dismember – Not a fan of the gore genre.  If it involves chopping bodies into small parts, I’m out.  Well, except for Scandal.  That show got a little graphic for a while but I hung in there.

homemade – Mom’s banana bread.  Bee’s fudge.  Aunt Ollie’s pound cake.  Mmmm…

meme – Did everybody know how to pronounce this but me?  I finally had to come right out and ask a friend, “Look, is it ‘mé-mé’ or ‘meem’?”  Sad.

memo – Why don’t we ever see the truly important stuff in a memo?  “Effective immediately, there is an office ban on overpowering perfume, cologne, or B.O.  Decontamination facilities will be utilized if necessary.”  “Attention: This microwave is for everyone’s use.  Do not heat your stinky tuna fish or gross greens as the odor will seep into other people’s food for hours.”

memorize – Relevant to ‘remember’.  I was never more terrified than when confronted by a long list of data to memorize.  States, capitals, continents, oceans, presidents, wars…it is a memory-impaired person’s nightmare.

memorable – I love how many different things can make a person memorable.  Their hair, eyes, attitude, soul, kindness, courage, or dedication – some people stick long after they’ve left a room.

memoir – Do you suppose, if I wrote a memoir in my eighties, that a review might call it scandalous?  I sometimes wonder…

SoCS 2

Linda’s weekly Stream of Consciousness prompt is open to one and all.  Click the link to check out its rules and participating blogs.  This week’s prompt was to use “mem” as part of a word.

7 thoughts on “SoCS – what’s mem mean to you?

  1. Hah, your format and mine are a bit similar today 🙂
    I liked memo. I don’t wear perfume to work. I never have, although I wore scented lotions a lot when I worked at the hardware store. I work in an office. To me, perfume and office don’t go together. My husband works in an office and he wears cologne every day. I hope his colleagues don’t hate him. Honestly, I hope they don’t often get close enough to smell him! lol
    I like Scandal, too, although, I’ve become a store and binge one with that. Too many cliffhangers.

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