gratitude: leaf rain

When forced to choose I’ve never named fall as my favorite season.  Spring, with it’s warm sun and life in bloom, has always been the first answer that leaps to mind.

I do like fall, though, for many reasons – the return of jeans as a staple, terrific boots, the perfect snuggly sweater, finally leaving behind the hideously humid days of summer – it’s got a lot of perks.

One of my favorite fall moments happened earlier this month.  I can’t remember where we were headed, but I was driving what I call the back roads around here.  “Back roads” for me tend to be slightly curvy and pass through pastures, over rivers, and through trees, so in the fall it can be a pretty ride.

As I was driving down a street that day I noticed the leaves were falling, drifting toward the road and swirling after each car passed.  All of a sudden I was driving through a leaf rain, red and orange and yellow falling all around.  There was something uplifting about watching these leaves dance through the air before settling to the ground.

Of all the perks to fall, I think leaf rain may be my new favorite.

My post as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.

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