SoCS – oui, oui

Yes.  Absolutely.  I’d love to listen to another Meghan Trainor song… “Love” might be a bit of a stretch, but I try to say yes when I can, and listening to another song while Bear rocks out provides its own amusement.

Yesterday T-man asked if I’d come watch him do his new skateboard trick.  I said yes.  When I’m not paying attention I miss those moments because I mistakenly believe whatever I’m doing is critical.  I guess sometimes it is, but if I really think about it?  Most of my everyday tasks can hold for five minutes while I focus on my kid.

That means taking a deep breath and reminding myself I’m not the end all, be all of the universe.  That our lives won’t come to a shrieking halt because dinner’s done a half hour late, and sometimes the reality is that the To Do list doesn’t get done.

Sometimes life has a pesky way of throwing up roadblocks like that.

So here’s my promise to myself: when one of the kids comes to ask me a question, I’m going to stop what I’m doing and look them in the eyes.  I’m going to focus on what they’re saying, and then I’ll make a choice.  They won’t be here forever, and when they’re off running around in their own lives will I wish I’d spent more time blogging or with them?  I suspect it will be the latter.

So my answer will be yes.

SoCS 2

Linda’s weekly Stream of Consciousness prompt is open to one and all.  Click the link to check out its rules and participating blogs.  This week’s prompt is “yes.”

3 thoughts on “SoCS – oui, oui

  1. Good response to the ‘ yes’. You are right it goes faster than the speed of light and we can only regret what we hadn’t done. Being in the moment with our lives, kids, husbands is too late when they have gone. Well done😎


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