Yes.  Absolutely.  I’d love to listen to another Meghan Trainor song… “Love” might be a bit of a stretch, but I try to say yes when I can, and listening to another song while Bear rocks out provides its own amusement.

Yesterday T-man asked if I’d come watch him do his new skateboard trick.  I said yes.  When I’m not paying attention I miss those moments because I mistakenly believe whatever I’m doing is critical.  I guess sometimes it is, but if I really think about it?  Most of my everyday tasks can hold for five minutes while I focus on my kid.

That means taking a deep breath and reminding myself I’m not the end all, be all of the universe.  That our lives won’t come to a shrieking halt because dinner’s done a half hour late, and sometimes the reality is that the To Do list doesn’t get done.

Sometimes life has a pesky way of throwing up roadblocks like that.

So here’s my promise to myself: when one of the kids comes to ask me a question, I’m going to stop what I’m doing and look them in the eyes.  I’m going to focus on what they’re saying, and then I’ll make a choice.  They won’t be here forever, and when they’re off running around in their own lives will I wish I’d spent more time blogging or with them?  I suspect it will be the latter.

So my answer will be yes.

SoCS 2

Linda’s weekly Stream of Consciousness prompt is open to one and all.  Click the link to check out its rules and participating blogs.  This week’s prompt is “yes.”