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I’ll be the first to admit that in the past I’ve suffered an incapacitating inability to make decisions.

Shoot, there are still days when I reach peak capacity.  Days when someone’s asked me one too many times “Can I…?” and I have to bow out.  BrightSide comes home, question #73 comes up, and I tag him in.  I’m sure there are times when he wonders why I can’t decide whether a kid can have a piece of candy after dinner, but he wasn’t there for the first 72 questions so there it is.

Naturally I’m impressed with people who are entirely comfortable making as many decisions as necessary.  More like in awe, really.  It looks so…stress free.

But there’s one choice that utterly befuddles me – tattoo makeup.

You’ve seen this, right?  ‘Cause it’s an actual thing.

Women who have (presumably) chosen to tattoo on eyebrows, lip liner, and even eyeliner.  (Call me overly cautious but I can’t see letting someone get near my eyeball with a tattoo needle.)  There are people who do this for a living so apparently there’s some kind of demand, but it’s got to be somewhat regional since there’s not a whole lot of women with tattooed makeup around town. Maybe all the great makeup tattoo artists live in New York and L.A.  Those seem like a more favorable demographic.

But I digress.

Putting aside the potentially devastating results if someone screws up your face and the not insignificant hit to your checkbook, there’s something I really need to know…how on earth does someone make this kind of commitment?

I have a hard enough time choosing an outfit for the day.  What kind of nerves of steel does it take to point to a color and say “That one.  That’s the eyeliner I’d like to have for the next year or so.”


Seriously, it’s inconceivable.  I grasp how appealing the thought of not worrying about makeup must be, but still…that decision.  That commitment.  Yikes.

I guess not all of us are made to have perfectly sculpted eyebrows.