Where in the world are Laura and Bear???

You will never guess where I am right this moment.

Well, at least eight of you will guess because you’re family and keep up with me in real time, but as for the rest of you?  You will never guess where I am right this very moment.

In our nation’s capital.  With Bear.  And all the other fifth graders from her school.

That’s right!  Less than two weeks after one of the country’s most contentious presidential elections…as protestors numbering in the thousands march the streets…while temperatures drop into the mid-forties for a high…we will be visiting Washington D.C.

Praise the Lord and pass the thermal underwear.


First off, yes, it’s true.  I am a gigantic wuss when it comes to cold weather.  Other parents going on the trip are giving me the optimist’s perspective – We’re lucky they’re not calling for rain.  One year it rained the whole time.  They had sleet another year.  Plus when you’re walking around in the sun it probably won’t feel that cold anyway.

Okay.  While I appreciate the glass half full attempts at bucking me up, can we just go ahead and acknowledge that we’re looking at some seriously cold outdoor time.  That night tour of the monuments?  It’ll be around thirty degrees and windy for that one.  Leaving the hotel at 8:00am?  We’re talking about thirty-five degrees or so.  I’m not saying there won’t be parts of the day that are bearable (especially the indoor parts), but some of that outdoor weather is gonna require some serious gumption on my part.

I’m betting the kids will barely notice the cold.

With that being said, I am furiously tamping down the freak out factor before we leave.  What if I lose Bear on the night tour?  What if we get separated riding the Metro?  What if my back freaks out at all the walking or my lungs say “thanks, but we’re done for the day” at 4:00pm?  Yep, getting all the panicky voices out now and replacing them with We Are Going To Have A Great Time.  Everything Will Be Fine, Even If We Hit Some Snags.  My Body Will Not Fail Me On This Trip.

Side Note:  Have I mentioned what fantastic timing it is to do this sort of thing right before hosting Thanksgiving?  Bee is doing the heavy lifting for this holiday, but let’s be honest…I’ll be lucky if I don’t fall asleep in my turkey this year.

So by the time you read this I will have traveled for hours (and hours) on a bus, toured George Washington’s home place, logged more bus time, checked into a hotel, scarfed down dinner, and frozen my fanny off on a night tour of the monuments.  7:00am – 10:30pm.  Day of Rest?  As if.

We have two more (extraordinarily full) days of awesome sights to see, museums to visit, and experiences to share.  Much of this time will be spent layered like Eskimos while toting water and snacks, I’m sure, but I’m also certain Bear and I will return with some incredible memories. Hopefully we’ll also have all our fingers and toes.

Praise the Lord and pass the hats and gloves.

14 thoughts on “Where in the world are Laura and Bear???

  1. Hope you’re enjoying your time there, and it’s a pretty historical time to be there! Wow!And I’m not use to the cold either, 60s is chilly to me–courtesy of being in Arizona the past few years. My family laughs at me now, and my three year old looks at a jacket like it’s the oddest thing. Anyways stay safe and enjoy your trip! 🙂

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    • Ummmm, yeah. Got in about midnight last night and my son asks me this morning what we’re doing today. “Recovering.” Ah, to be 12 again (plus not having gone on the trip he’s not nearly as exhausted as we are).

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