I’m not even pretending I’ll be blogging next week.  Half will be taken up with day long itineraries sightseeing with fifth graders and the rest will focus on mom’s birthday and Thanksgiving.  It’s madness to think I’ll get a proper Forever Family post written, so I’m going with a sharing day.

Here are some Scary Mommy pickings I thought you might enjoy.

I Didn’t Trust My Gut, And It Put My Daughter In Jeopardy: Scary Mommy

Along the lines of last Friday’s Forever Family post, this one looks at what can happen when you don’t trust your gut.  It’s a mom’s wrenching story about how even an adult survivor can be taken in by a predator’s lies.

The Art of Throwing Out Your Kids’ Junk Without Getting Caught: Scary Mommy

The art of stealth cleaning by the ninjas bearing black trash bags.  It’s an important life skill.

So This Is Nine: Scary Mommy

(Fair warning: contains graphic language so if you find that offensive you might want to skip ahead.)  “Nine is indignant…nine slams doors…nine is sneaky…nine is totally a brat.”  Holy cow, it’s like she’s had a nanny cam in our home!  If you’ve ever had a nine-year-old girl (or will be enjoying one eventually) this is a must read.

The 10 Fights You’ll Most Likely Have With Other Moms: Scary Mommy

Oh my gosh, I hate that this looks like it’s just another mommy war post because This Is Truth.  All the bizarre minefields that take new moms by surprise because seriously?  THIS is a battle?

Why I Can’t Go To Whole Foods Anymore: Scary Mommy

Whole Foods.  “A magical fairy land where the fairies have come to life to look down upon you for eating meat and bread products.  All of a sudden, you can only think of pleasing these fairies, so you start buying things like emu eggs and foraged pickles in swimming in mason jar baths for the price of your child’s first year of college.”