I’ve loved a number of things over the years.

Chocolate, and its rush of endorphins that got me through the roughest of school days. Twizzlers.  Probably a thousand pounds of licorice over the years, chewy deliciousness that always brought a smile to my face.  Gallons and gallons of milkshakes – yumminess in a giant cup, ranging from chocolate to strawberry to mint chocolate chip.


But, as I suspect most writers know, paper is my crack.

I adore paper – all sorts of paper – in every shape, color, and size.

Walking into a good greeting card section is almost a religious experience for me.  Finding funny birthday cards to perfectly suit the recipient.  Ones that are actually funny, and not just because they’re stocked in that section.  Anniversary cards to honor love and commitment.  Get better soon cards that make even the sickest, most pitiful germ incubator laugh if only for the briefest moment.  Beautifully blank cards for those times when nothing else fits.


Then there’s notepads.  I love notepads beyond all reasonable measure.  Large and small, every color and design.  Notepads for teacher notes, for neighbor gifts, for notes to the kids.

I even love legal pads – plain, yellow, not particularly inspiring for your average bear – both letter and memo sized.  Perfect for shopping lists, project plans, committee meetings…everything big, small, and in between.

Believe it or not, I even love those spiral notebooks they make you use in school.  (Did you know you can get those on sale for fifty cents during Back To School shopping?!  Score!!)  I buy what the kids need then always end up adding more to the cart for me, and my notebooks end up scattered all over the house.  One in my backpack for blog ideas and writing offline.  Another on the end table for tracking birthdays and Christmas.  A third in my activity bag (yes, I’m four, I have an activity bag I carry to doctor’s appointments) that gets filled with any mess running through my brain while I’m waiting.

I even delight in the stationary section.  In these days of text and e-mail, when writing out a notecard (let alone actually mailing it) is practically unheard of, I still stop in my tracks when passing by the stationary.  They have such bright colors and creative designs; I longingly trail my hand over the display, reminding myself that we have six boxes at home and absolutely no need for more.  But again, crack.  Guess who usually wanders out of Target with new notecards in her bag?

And did you know there are entire stores dedicated to paper?  Papyrus, Paper Source, Cursive New York, and more.  Aisles and aisles of cards and notes and stationary, oh my…they’re my crack den, calling to me like a siren as I walk past, forcing me to dig down deep for supernatural self control that will keep me from stumbling through the doors.

I mean, really.  Is there anything better than opening a fresh pack of notes to send in with a teacher appreciation gift?  The feel of a memo notepad right after you buy it – stiff but slightly more pliable each time you flip the pages.  The smell of crisply elegant stationary.  The brand newness of a blank notebook, waiting to be filled with thoughts and dreams.

No?  It’s just me?  Well, then…

My name is Laura, and I’m a paperholic.