Oh my gosh, y’all, THIS.  It’s like my turkey story except Christmas themed.

I don’t care which side you come down on for elf on the shelf, this freaking post is funny.  If you’re pro-elf, you’ll be all like Yep, been there, done something a little like that.  If you’re anti-elf, you’ll be all like Hell yeah, THAT’S why I won’t do that stupid elf and omg, HOW DID SHE NOT GET BUSTED?!

Either way, good times all around.

“F me.  Yes, I know those probably aren’t the classiest words to start a post with, but I really can’t think of two better words to describe the shitstorm that I brought upon my house this weekend.  Are you ready for this tragedy?”

The day I accidentally murdered someone – Baby Sideburns