“The point is moot.”

I can’t remember the first time I uttered this sentence, but I do remember being surprised when “moot” popped out.  Not just because it’s a super funny sounding word – moooooooT – but because it rolled off my tongue like I used it all the time.  I must have been studying it in English class or something.

At any rate, I thought this week I might stream out some situations in which the point is, indeed, moot.  Feel free to add your own in the comments.

  • When Louboutins are half price.  (Speaking for myself, that is.)
  • When the baby finally settles down after already waking the entire household.
  • A hairbrush shortage among bald men.
  • Perfectly roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables when your steak is beyond well done and into shoe leather territory.
  • Anticavity toothpaste followed by a sugar binge before bed.
  • Fuzzy socks when it’s twenty below.  Nothing helps that kind of mess.
  • Three bestsellers to read with zero free time.
  • Cramming all night only to have school called for a snow day.

SoCS 2

Linda’s weekly Stream of Consciousness prompt is open to one and all.  Click the link to check out its rules and participating blogs.  This week’s prompt is “moot.”