I know this looks like man bashing, and a week before Christmas, too.  Guess I’m rolling the dice on coal in my stocking this year.

But damn, y’all, this is funny.

(ps – BrightSide, you totally kick ass, too.)

“Husbands are clueless (gross generalization but I guarantee most of you are nodding your heads).  Not because they’re genuinely stupid or anything.  They’re just wired differently.  It would never occur to my husband to ask for a gift receipt, or to pick up my daughter’s skating costume, or to dress Holden in a decent shirt because it’s picture day.  It’s not his fault, really.  I’m pretty sure it’s a physiological difference between men and women.  But I end up doing like 99% of the shit around here (I’m totally exaggerating, it’s more like 95%) just because lots of stuff occurs to me that never even occurs to him.”

Ten things my hubby has no clue I do – Baby Sideburns