I’ve found many ways to love my time at the lake.  Looking out over the water, soaking up the sun, watching birds soar across the sky.  There are a thousand little moments of peace, instants when the world slips away and my spirit stills.

This fall I discovered the power lurking beneath our dock.

Fish live under there.  And by “fish” I mean lots and lots of fish.  Little ones, big ones, and all the sizes in between.  We even have some catfish that show off their whiskers once in a while.

September found me sitting cross legged by the steps, crumbling stale crackers into the water while BrightSide and the kids went to refuel the boat.  The lake became so very quiet.  A soundtrack of wind rustling the leaves kept me company as the fish slowly emerged to nibble their snack.

Bolder fish darted to the surface, grabbing the bigger chunks and rushing away, while the more careful ones watched and waited.  Some eventually became convinced they were safe, swimming cautiously to nibble at the crumbs, while others waited for food to sink below the surface before taking their share.

Now, this is the lake.  These aren’t beautiful tropical fish with striking colors and unique patterns; many would consider them the least majestic members of the fish family.  And yet…there’s something special about that time.  Sitting in that space, enveloped in quiet, watching light bounce off the water as fish move back and forth below.


My post as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.