We drive the same route to BrightSide’s office every time we visit.  Take the first exit off the interstate, turn right, go straight through two lights, and look for the turn (plus a few other steps that have nothing to do with this post).  It’s a no brainer of a route, only 15 minutes from the house, and makes for a quick popover to see our guy.

I never thought much about it until the day an enormous billboard stunned the kids into silence.

I was concentrating on the road.  There’s a lot of traffic in that area – plenty of cars moving through the intersections and vehicles peeling off left and right – so you gotta stay on your toes if you want to avoid a fender bender.  So of the three of us in the car that day, only two were paying close attention to the giant billboards by the road.

Until it abruptly got very, very quiet in the backseat.

I looked up to see gigantic letters spelling out “IUD” on the sign in front of us, followed by the virtues of its use for birth control.

It’s pretty much no holds barred in our family so I wasn’t terribly surprised by the barrage of questions from behind me – What’s an IUD?  How does that work?  Does it hurt?  Why would you want one?

Whoa, Nellie.

Gotta love Maple Avenue.