Considering it’s Christmas Eve and my other post today is about IUD billboards I figure I really ought to put something a bit more, ummm, holiday focused for my stream of consciousness post.

I wanted to write my post today about Christmas carol that uses the word “cook”, but can you believe I can’t find a single one?!  Not cook, not cooking, not pressure cooker.  Zip, zilch, nada.  The closest I came was those chestnuts roasting.  Time for a new plan.

Prepare yourselves.  It’s true confession time.

I don’t cook on Christmas day.

This strikes at my heart as almost negligent behavior for an Italian mother – after all, our family had a traditional meal every year on Christmas.  We’d open the presents, eat tons of stocking candy, watch a parade, and sit down to an enormous meal with turkey and all the trimmings.

But the part that’s left out of that memory is my mom, who watched us open presents while drinking a cup of coffee then disappeared into the kitchen to make the meal happen.  There were no magical elves that cooked all that food; mom got it on the table, year after year, and I hope she took pleasure in that.

But still…the work.

Just the thought of working that hard on Christmas day makes my head hurt.  Of course, my family is different.  By the time we reach Christmas day we’ve had three major family meals – this year it was ham, then lasagna, then turkey over the course of eight days – and I’m simply done.  It’s not even that I have to cook for all of those, but following on the heels of Thanksgiving makes it a lot less likely that I’m anxious to spend this particular day in the kitchen.

So it’s true.  I. Don’t. Cook. On. Christmas. Day.  My one exception being the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls I bake in the morning ‘cuz yum.  But real meals?  Nope.  No way.

Somehow we manage to survive on the massive amount of leftovers we always have in the fridge, and I try not to feel guilty for skipping that particular tradition.

SoCS 2

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