Stockholm Syndrome and the holidays

For those who’ve survived yet another shopping season of glazed eyed wandering through the mall after reaching your wit’s end…this one’s for you.

“…a funny thing happens after a woman becomes a mother.  She becomes incapable of thinking about anything she might enjoy.  From that moment on, every item is judged by how much cleaning it requires and how much it costs.  Moms devote their lives to taking care of another person, and even after that little person becomes a functioning adult, they have lifelong Stockholm Syndrome after years of putting everyone else first.  They just can’t remember what it’s like to want things for themselves, so when you ask them what they’d like for Christmas, you’re stuck translating their vague answers into something you can order from Amazon.”

How to Interpret Your Mom’s Vague, Panic-Inducing Christmas Gift Suggestions – Sass & Balderdash

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