I’m on a bit of a Sound of Music kick.  I even caught Bear humming some of the tunes, which I have to say warmed my musical heart.  I just can’t get one of them out of my head, though.  No matter how hard I try this one particular song is on repeat.

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things!”

Pandora.  I used to stream music over Pandora all the time.  It was the best way to pass time in the kitchen and a great way to learn about new artists – I first heard the Fratellis on Pandora, and they’re awesome!  The kids have become fans, too.

Amazon Prime.  There’s many reasons I love Amazon Prime, one of which is the streaming music.  Commercial free music.  Well, damn, that right there is leaps and bounds over Pandora. Prime members have access to streaming video, too, so we can watch tv shows and movies through the account.  Then there’s the obvious reason to love, love, love my Prime – the ability to shop from my couch, in my PJs, regardless of the necessary item.  Plus discounted prices and free two day shipping.  Yes, please.

Sea Bands.  These things have saved my life time after time.  Windy back roads, bumpy airplane rides, boat rides on the lake…these little wrist bands press into just the right spot, almost always alleviating that pesky nausea.  Add on a bit of Bonine or Dramamine and things are usually copacetic for your standard situations.

Zappos.  They might sell other stuff but when I hear Zappos I think shoes.  (Well, really it’s more like “SHOES!!!” but you get the drift.)  They have good prices, great customer service, and free shipping plus returns for those times when the size doesn’t run quite right for the kids.  I buy almost all of the kids’ shoes like this these days; you’ll understand how it’s a huge sanity saver if you can imagine what Bear is like when she has access to an entire store of footwear to try on.  Lord help me.