I know lots of people get all twisted up about New Year’s Eve resolutions…shoot, I’ve had years when I got all fired up and came raging out of the gates with goals and such, but apparently this is not that year.  Not at all.

I’m looking forward to the new year, though.  I’m heading toward 2017 with my eye on the horizon and hope for a fresh start.

Could I lose some weight?  Exercise more?  Eat more fruits and vegetables?  Well, sure, but I’m not focusing on the details this year, I’m looking at the big picture.  And the big picture is about so much more than numbers on a scale.

I want 2017 to wipe the slate clean.  I want to start the new year with eyes wide open, ready to approach the world with honest clarity.  I’m welcoming the lessons life plans to bring me and hope to grow into myself more each day.  (Though I won’t lie, it would be nice not to grow out of my yoga pants more each day.)

This is our chance – the whole world’s chance – to hit reboot and start new.  I hope for everyone’s sake that we take it.

My post as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.