Hear ye, hear ye.  The day has arrived when all good and true citizens shall take up pens to write lofty goals and ambitions for 2017.  They shall announce said resolutions to friends and family so as to be publicly humiliated if they abandon them in May, and these shall haughtily be called New Year’s Resolutions.  So sayeth the blog, and so shall it be.

Ummmm…maybe not.


My “Not” Resolution List:

*  I will not suffer fools silently.

*  I will not endure entitled children, especially my own.

*  I will not feel guilty for taking time for myself.

*  I will not remain stuck in neutral when I see injustice in the world.

*  I will not wear shoes that rub, pinch, or hurt in any way.

*  I will not judge myself based on how clean my house is or the state of my laundry room but on the way in which I’ve treated those around me.

*  I will not ask “why” when I don’t really want to know the answer.

*  I will not listen to one more telemarketing call.

*  I will not worry about whether the kids’ clothes are wrinkled, only that they are clean and odor-free.

*  I will not helicopter parent my children, the neighbors’ children, friends, or family.


Best wishes for all the best in the new year!