We’ve got our first snowfall of the winter happening.  Many of you are from colder climates, places where snow begins in November and continues well into March, so this might not be a remarkable event for you.  Here in North Carolina a dusting is cause for frenzy – gas station lines snake on forever, grocery store shelves empty of bread and milk.

But we’re not looking at a dusting this time.  Predictions keep shifting, but the general consensus for our area (as of midnight on Friday, anyway) is that we’ll get anywhere from four to eight inches of snow and sleet.  Four to eight inches.  This amount of cold stuff on the roads will most likely shut down our happy southern county down for quite awhile, especially since temperatures aren’t expected to even get above freezing until Tuesday.


But that’s not the point.  The snow forecast brought about several annual conversations we have with the kids.  One is Bear’s insistence that she needs a snowsuit.  Absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt must have a snowsuit.  To be fair, she usually announces this at the beginning of winter, at which time I remind her that we live in the ice belt where we’re lucky to get any snow at all and more often than not we end up with some sort of sleety ice mixture that’s no fun for play anyway.

The other conversation that’s inevitable once someone utters the word “snow” is always, always about winter coats and waterproof gloves.  Always.

Because despite our talking about winter needs every November…despite the fact that we literally quiz them each and every fall about whether coats still fit and gloves are still locatable…somehow it’s always the night before the snowfall that T-man and Bear start trying on coats and pulling out gloves.  And, shock of shocks, someone (or everyone) always starts running around like a chicken with their head cut off because, well, because it’s our annual tradition.

But the kids sure are gonna be excited when they wake up tomorrow because it is snowing boatloads of snow right now.  Coats or no coats, gloves or no gloves, we’ll find a way to cobble some outfits together so they can run around in their winter wonderland.

SoCS 2

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