my 20 givens

“Al’s father is 45.  He is 15 years older than twice Al’s age.  How old is Al?”

Let’s say Al’s age = x.  We also know that 45 is 15 more than twice Al’s age, so we need to transfer each part into math speak.  

Al’s age is x, so twice Al’s age is 2x, and 15 more than twice Al’s age is 15 + 2x.

Oh, finagle.  Check it out here if you’re interested.

Here are some of my givens in life, ones of the non-word problem sort.

**  I will always choose hot fudge over caramel, unless I have the option to mix them both.  Then pour it on, baby.  (BrightSide cannot pass by that maple syrup with walnuts concoction at the frozen yogurt place.  It’s like catnip.)

**  I like to consider myself adventurous, but I have to admit I’m rather a fuddy duddy when it comes to food.  I tend to reach for comfort food classics.

**  Every movie theater feels like a frosty 40 degrees.  Unless I remember to bring a jacket – then it’s 50/50 whether I spend the film having hot flashes.

**  99% of a tv show can be relatively appropriate, but the second a kid walks in the room the other 1% pops up onscreen.  Every single time.  Bless.

**  If I’m craving sweets, there’s salty in the house.  If I’m craving salty, then there’s sweets.

**  Rubbing a soft dog belly takes care of a lot that ails you.

**  I’m not too old to care about pretty shoes, but I am old enough to be realistic.  Any event that requires standing for more than 60 minutes calls for comfortable shoes.  Pretty is a plus.

**  The amount of laundry I have to do is directly correlated to the number of free laundry baskets.  No matter how much or how little, I’m always one basket short.  Always.

**  I may never hit PetSmart again now that I can buy dog food on Amazon for less than the sales price at our local store.

**  I do not buy what I don’t need, but I’ll always buy the extra of a staple on sale.  Some might argue that no one needs ten boxes of macaroni and cheese, and I might agree if it was just BrightSide and me.  But with two growing tweens in the house?  Yes, please.

**  There will always be one random sock leftover per every five loads of laundry, and I’m forever torn by the dilemma: do I throw a perfectly good sock away?  Do I hold onto it, knowing full well I won’t find its mate?  Or do I let Gracie play with it, giving her the idea that clothes are toys?  No wins in this one.

**  The tv remote dies, the drone controller dwindles – the battery drawer will only have one of the batteries necessary.  Ironically, it will have a dozen of the other kind.

**  Finding a truly fantastic pen is like a quest for the holy grail.

**  Letting someone else load or unload your dishwasher is a leap of faith followed by superhuman willpower to keep from commenting.

**  It’s 80% more likely a kid will “need” me if I’m deep in my writing or finishing a great book.  50% of those instances will involve food requests, 30% interventions to stop a catfight, and 20% assorted interruptions while I’m in a bathroom.

**  By some bizarre twist of fate, it’s possible to be simultaneously lonely and never alone when you’re parenting a toddler.

**  “Old” becomes a lot more relative as you age.

**  Few things in life are as comforting as drinking a cup of coffee under a warm throw with a dog by your side.

**  If it’s a minimal obstruction, I’m the one most likely to trip on it.  Slightly raised tile, one inch drop into a room, half inch pile carpet – this lady right here’s the one stubbing her toe.

**  I am not and never have been a morning person.  I prefer late nights and 9:30am wakeup calls to watching the sunrise.

13 thoughts on “my 20 givens

    • What?? Sleeping ’til 9:30 (usually) gets me a full 8 hours, I’m not cranky when I roll out, & the hours between 11:00 and 1:00am are remarkably peaceful. Plus, you know…sleep.


    • I’ve always wanted to be. So many people say they get up early and work out or write or just enjoy the quiet…plus it would make getting the kids ready for school SO much easier if I wasn’t a walking zombie.

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  1. I was able to do that math problem in my head within a few seconds. I used to be able to do that when I was in school too, but they always said “show your work”. That bugged me. It just slowed me down lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m sure it did!! Math brains can click through numbers so fast it’s almost undetectable, and they hate having to break the pieces down. My 3rd grade students used to have to show their work so I could pinpoint the spot where they went off track solving a problem, but it definitely annoyed to numbers kids!

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  2. So much yes to the pens and the dishwasher!!! I thought I was the only one obsessed with finding “Good Pens” and I just quietly go behind them and switch the dishwasher to be loaded correctly. Sometimes that quietly includes grumbling under my breath and if no one else is around, wondering out loud why they can’t get my system figured out…it’s not that difficult, lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I mutter while rearranging too, then I follow up that mutter with “I can ask them to do it, but they’ll do it their way, I’m just banging my head against a wall if I expect them to do it MY way.” Of course I’ve been telling myself that for three years now so it must not be sinking in! 🙂

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