Oh, the special joy of a winter storm.  When a four inch layer falls overnight, covering your world with sleet and a bright fluffy snow that defies all logic for this area of North Carolina.

Children wake up bright eyed and fluffy tailed, ready to layer up and head out with sleds in hand.  Despite the fact that it’s ten degrees outside.  Regardless of their lack of proper snow boots (because, again, North Carolina).  With barely a bite to eat they rush out the door, anxious to run madly through the snow.

And me?  Well, I just try to keep up.

Not outside, mind you.  It was freaking ten degrees out there, for Pete’s sake – nothing short of a fire was gonna get me out that door.  I was just trying to keep the house running at the bare minimum (emphasis on ‘bare’).

Day one was Saturday – Four inches of pristine snow with high temps in the mid-twenties. Day two, Sunday – Four inches of foot printed snow, temps still hanging in the mid-twenties.  Day three, Monday – There had been exactly zero thaw so school was cancelled (called on Saturday afternoon, as a matter of fact).  Temps remained below freezing, but the kids were having a blast anyway.  They booed the salt truck that came through in the afternoon.

Tuesday and Wednesday were also snow days off school, but temps slowly inched above freezing until the kids were finally able to go back on Thursday.  That makes for a grand total of five – count ’em, five – days of playing in the cold white stuff.  Five days of soaking wet gloves, three layers of clothes, three changes a day.  Five days of T-man borrowing BrightSide’s boots and Bear borrowing mine because, lo and behold, their feet are big enough now.  Five days of worrying about wind chill and frostbite and if they’re even slowing down enough to eat.

Well, the snow has melted and we’ve come out the other side.  Here are just a few of the ways I killed it at parenting this week:

  • I crocked lasagna on Friday and chili on Saturday then checked out.  Between wind chill and dogs and laundry and bunches of kids tromping in and out, well, food just kind of fell by the wayside.  PB&J for lunch?  Super.  A pack of crackers and Greek yogurt?  Sure, why not.  Endless plates of frozen Eggo waffles and bowls of Cheerios?  Yeah, fine.  I was knocking it out of the park with this nutrition thing.
  • The kids are a lot more self-sufficient about getting dressed now that they’re older, which is probably why it took me until day three to notice that T-man kept throwing his wet clothes into the tub and then putting them on again the next day.  Day three.  Mom of the year right here, folks.
  • How many times did I go out with the kids this week?  Zilch.  Nada.  Niente.  That’s right, a big fat zero.  There’s the logical voice that’s reminding me Bear had my boots, I was still getting over being sick, and that kind of cold air is beyond bad for my lungs.  But then there’s the other voice, the one that wags a bad mommy finger in my face.  What kind of mom doesn’t play in the snow with her kids even one time?  Ummm…this one.  Apparently.
  • BrightSide took the kids sledding at a nearby golf course over the weekend, but a good deal of the time they rose to the challenge of making their own fun.  This involved our go cart, the sleds, a long piece of rope, and neighborhood streets covered in a slick layer of ice.  Super.  That doesn’t sound dangerous at all.  Have fun kids, and come in for cocoa when you get cold!