dogs, Fritos, and that sticky spot in the kitchen

It’s not like I really needed the help to up the bizarre factor in my life – I’ve already had plenty of things that made me pause and cock my head.  But there’s no doubt about it: the arrival of children in our lives more than doubled my wtf moments.  Welcome to another edition of:

Things I Never Thought I’d Hear Myself Say

“Don’t poke the dog’s butt with the sword.  Seriously.  Don’t.”

“No, you really, truly are not getting a phone for Christmas.”

“How can you be disappointed?  I literally told you that you weren’t getting a phone for Christmas.  With actual words.  And hand gestures.”

“Why is the coffee maker sticky?  And the cabinet door above my head?”

“No, I can’t approve that app right now.  We’re on the interstate.”

“Be careful driving the go cart on the ice.”

(shoves handful of Doritos into mouth) “I have no idea why it smells like Fritos in here.  Oh, wait…that’s the dog.  The dog smells like Fritos.”

“Dear Baby Jesus, I’m sorry we use the word ‘suck’ so much.”

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6 thoughts on “dogs, Fritos, and that sticky spot in the kitchen

  1. This morning I asked one of their children to brush their teeth – 12 times! Half an hour later, as she was putting on her coat (with friends waiting her her in my kitchen), she suddenly had an epiphany and ran back upstairs – to brush her teeth! Is my voice only heard by dogs?!?

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    • Oh my gosh, YES. The teeth brushing, *forever* the teeth brushing. I’ve reached the point where I’m convinced their teeth haven’t seen floss since the last dentist visit. And I think your dog theory has merit!


  2. LOVE THIS POST! ❤ Love it!
    The other day, I took a glass out of the cabinet and there was somethin blue and sticky on it. And the next. And the next. What the?!?
    You mommed the heck outta this one, and I love it! 😀

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