SoCS – the dress shoes from hell

I think every little girl is fascinated by Cinderella and her glass slippers.

First, there’s that whole “slipper” thing.  You say slipper and I think soft, warm, comfy shoes you shuffle around your house in during wintertime.  It was a bit of a shock to learn that there was no comfy shuffling in Cinderella’s – those were fancy dress shoes.  With heels.  About as far from a slipper as you can get, in my opinion.

Then on top of that, the things were made of glass.  Frankly, there’ve always been a few things that stuck in my craw about having that particular material for her dancing shoes.

Her fairy godmother could have conjured shoes made of anything – jewels, glitter, sparkle of any kind.  Why on earth would she have made them from a material that could shatter?! Especially considering Cinderella had to navigate cobblestone streets, climbing in and out of a carriage, and dancing backwards gracefully.

I get it, she wants Cinderella to make an entrance and catch the prince’s eye, but all it takes is one little misstep…one trip into a ballroom column…one tumble down the stairs.  Suddenly Cinderella is surrounded by glass shards and needs twelve stitches in her right foot.  How’s she supposed to get medical care, make it back to the ball, kiss the prince, and make it home by midnight now?  Seems a bit shortsighted to me.

Then there’s the fact that there’s absolutely no give in glass.  As a Disney princess Cinderella has dainty, size 5 feet, but even little fairy feet start to ache after an hour of ballroom dancing.  The only saving grace to dress shoes is when they stretch just the tiniest bit, just enough to let your toes breathe through one more dance.  But with shoes of glass? That’s never gonna happen.  Sorry, Cinderella, you better learn to suck it up if you want to become queen one day.

SoCS 2

Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturdays are open to anyone who’d like to participate.  Pop over and give her blog a visit.  This week’s prompt is “glass.”

11 thoughts on “SoCS – the dress shoes from hell

  1. I also always wondered about the wisdom of glass shoes. And now that I’m a senior, I know that you couldn’t even put those orthopedic pads into the shoes because you’d be able to see them through the glass. Life is just so not fair.

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  2. Totally into your realistic spin on the fairy tale. You couldn’t pay me to wear glass shoes. I worked with a woman whose husband (then fiance) bought her glass slippers to wear at her wedding. She wore them down the aisle and back. The rest of the night, she wore Isotoner slippers. She did say it was a great romantic gesture.

    If you say so. lol

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    • Sounds like a way to ruin a good wedding! (Or at least make me focus on my feet the whole time, which sounds like the same thing.) Isotoner slippers are BRILLIANT, though, wish I’d thought of that one. 🙂

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