gratitude: four walls and a roof

My first year in college I started a group called Students Against Hunger and Homelessness.  (That’s right, S.A.H.H.  A terrible acronym, I know.  Or I know now anyway.)

I felt passionately about both causes – still do, in fact – and since there wasn’t much attention focused on them at the time I thought we might make a difference.  Our first meeting drew maybe fifteen students, not very many considering the size of the student body but it was a start.  We primarily worked to raise awareness in our insulated bubble of a university.

We hosted a camp out in the outdoor amphitheater in the hopes of shining a light on what it’s like to be without shelter for the night.  Students brought sleeping bags, and I may have seen a flask (or ten), which is arguably more comfort than many people on the streets had.  Even so, when it was 2:00am and a sleeping bag was the only thing between me and the cold, hard cement there was no denying the privilege of having a roof over my head.

My post as part of Colline’s Gratitude Project.

5 thoughts on “gratitude: four walls and a roof

    • We’re so blessed to have shelter from the cold, wind, and rain. It’s hard to impress that kind of gratitude on kids who’ve never known what it’s like to worry about losing your home, but I’m trying…

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