I hate tongue twisters.  No, I don’t just hate them.  I despise them with the white hot flame that burns like a thousand suns.

It’s a big thing with me.  Maybe it’s just that I hate tripping over my own tongue (which I do every single time) or that I don’t handle frustration well (because despite my track record, I’m always convinced I can do it this time).  Either way it’s resulted in an entirely irrational hatred of what’s supposed to be a fun word game.

When I read Linda’s prompt for today, one of those freaking verses jumped right into my head.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Ironically, this is the only tongue twister I can actually say without sputtering myself into nonsense.  But seriously, it’s the only one.  And what kind of rational adult gets highly irritated when someone says, “Okay, try to say this one three times fast”?

Well, apparently that would be this adult.

SoCS 2

Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturdays are open to anyone who’d like to participate.  Pop over and give her blog a visit.  This week’s prompt is “wood/would.”