Most of you already know I Roe since I dedicated Wednesday’s gratitude post to it.  Yes, it’s true – sometimes I’m grateful for housing and clean air, sometimes I’m grateful for ridiculous things like leggings.  So be it.

I completely blame sista-friend for this.  We met up for dinner last November, and when I showed up at the table she swiftly invited me to feel her legs.  (Yes, we do things like that.  Sure, even in a restaurant.  Carpe diem.)  She went on to describe the magical leggings that made her feel as if she could run a marathon which, considering she’s a teacher, is quite a perk.  You never know when you’ll have to chase down one of those little buggers in a hallway.

But I digress.  I took her up on her offer, then touched her leggings again, then ran my hand across her leg once more for good measure.  By this time I’m certain the patrons at nearby tables were starting to wonder, but it didn’t matter because I was mesmerized.  So soft…so buttery…SO on my list of things to buy as soon as I got home.

“They’re like butter, those leggings.  They are.

I know comparing an article of clothing to something you slather on toast might seem weird, but these leggings are deliciously soft to the touch.  When I see someone else wearing LuLaRoe leggings, I get this urge to go up and touch them (I know that’s really weird, but OMG these leggings).”

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