There’s nothing like some good conversation over hot fudge sundaes to make my week.


me:  Milkshake or sundae?

Bear:  Sundae.  Probably ’cause I’m eating one.

me:  Okay, sneakers or flip flops?

Bear:  Sneakers.

me:  Book or movie?

Bear:  Book.  Definitely book.

me:  What is the best example of a book/movie combo?

Bear:  The Hunger Games.

me:  You like the book better than the movie?

Bear:  Yes.  A lot better.

me:  I did, too!  So…right now, what is your biggest worry?

Bear:  If you and dad ever die.  Like, if you would die before I was in college.

me:  You know, I think that’s a pretty typical worry for someone your age.  What always makes you smile?

Bear:  You…

me:  What?!  No…

Bear:  (laughs)  Yes.

me:  What’s a piece of good advice you’ve gotten this year?

Bear:  To write a journal.

me:  What volunteer activity would you like to do?

Bear:  Basketball coach.

me:  What’s the most memorable thing about finishing up elementary school?  It’s a big milestone.

Bear:  A good memory or a bad memory?

me:  Either one.  Or both.

Bear:  Um…let’s go with the good memory.  Ms. Reich.  (giggles)  Throwing stuff at the children.

me:  She’s the best.  That’s what you’re gonna remember the most?

Bear:  Yes.

me:  All right.  You get to make a school rule for the fifth grade.  What would it be?  (extremely long pause)  That one’s stumping you, huh?

Bear:  Don’t be a bully.  There’s a lot of bullies.

me:  Okay, here’s my last one.  Name something you’re good at.

Bear:  Basketball.


me:  Time for Flip the Interview!  You get a question.

Bear:  Have you ever wanted to go see where you were born?

me:  Yes!  Yeah.  I really have.  And for a little while there that was a real sadness for me, ’cause I thought I’m never gonna see where I was born.  Now…I’m a little hopeful that maybe someday things will be peaceful enough in the Philippines that I could go just to see what grandma and grandpa have always talked about.

Bear:  Yeah.

me:  But, you know, that’s one of those hopeful things.  We’ll see if it happens.