You have to admit, crazy or not, we all do things for love.  We step way outside our comfort zone when we’re dating, and the more serious things get the more likely we are to do something strange in the name of amore.  Shoot, this nutty instinct still kicks in even after you’ve been together for years.

Sometimes the acts are big, sometimes they’re small…and sometimes they just seem downright bizarre.

‘Cuz, you know…love.

How do you love me?  Let me count the ways…

Holding your tongue about those baggy sweaters and spandex in college.

Standing through alternative concerts surrounded by Birkenstock sporting hippies.

Manning the phone banks to Get Out The Vote.

Pretending it’s all fun and games while Sheldon The Cat claws the living hell out of your arms and legs.

Driving seven hours across bum f*ck nowhere to get my hungover butt to grandma’s birthday party.

Hobnobbing with fake politicians.

Hauling cases of water onto campaign buses.

Enduring chick flicks and the movie discussions afterward.

Risking ridicule from frat brothers for having a steady girl.

Accepting exactly how small that circle of trust is.

Knowing what goes into the Vault.  Then keeping it there.

Cramming yourself into a Miata.

Cleaning up kid’s puke, even when it triggers your own gag reflex.

Taking the extra night feeding despite your early morning appointment.

Tagging in on the kids even after painfully long days at the office.

Listening to rants about everything from girl drama to tech issues.

Not batting an eye at texts requesting beer, pizza, or a milkshake.

Accepting the fact that, even after twenty-two years of marriage, I have precisely zero interest in practically all televised sports events.

Endless, endless, endless neck and shoulder rubs for my stressed out muscles.

Forcing your ingrained Felix to live with my inner Oscar.