It’s not uncommon to hear cries of “GRACIE!!” echoing through the house at all hours of the day.  Morning, noon, evening – it depends on when her scamp level is at its highest, and then you just have to pray any damage inflicted is relatively contained.

Let’s just say some days that works out better than others.


Aww, GRACIE.  –  And Bear turns around with Gracie snot all over the front of her dress.

GRACIE, back OFF!   –  As Bear tries to eat a snack with an 85 pound fur ball drooling on her foot.

GRACIE!!!  –  Furious shouts as Gracie steals every blessed thing under the sun.

Gracie.  Gracie!  GRACIE!!  –  Bear’s piercing shriek as Gracie’s paws land on the kitchen counter, she jumps to lick the neighbor kid’s face, or she bolts for the open door.

Oh, Gracie.  –  Upon finding eyeglasses with one earpiece gnawed ragged.

Ewwwww.  GRACIE!  –  When she sneaks into the bathroom to drink toilet water.

COME ON, Gracie.  –  While you’re trying to change the trash bag and have to constantly fight off the fur ball.  Even if you knot the bag Gracie still finds a way to shove her nose in to steal tissues or paper towels.

Gracie, you’re gonna make yourself sick.  –  When we catch her eating ziplock bags and rocks.

Gracie, GROSS.  –  As I pick up soggy, dog drool covered socks around the house.