Bear was looking over the calendar this month when I heard her exclaim, “Blogiversary?!  Mom, what’s that?”

That, my dear, is the two year mark for Riddle from the Middle.  And yes, it’s definitely calendar worthy.

It’s been a remarkable ride, y’all.  I know I bitch and moan about laundry and all the crazy (Why can’t Gracie eat the cheap pens?!), but even with all the ups and downs I feel more alive than ever.  Answering the call to build RFTM makes my Top Ten Best Life Decisions list.  Here are some of the things I’ve learned during my time with the blog.

Never underestimate the power of support.  Some of my followers have been with RFTM since day one.  Like every other blogger I know, those folks are family and close friends who jumped on board when I told them about my dream.  People with busy lives of their own who made time to visit and read my meandering thoughts – knowing they were in my camp while a grand total of twenty people even knew about my blog was priceless.

Kindness is not dead.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are plenty of a**hole bloggers seeing as bloggers are people, too.  But I have experienced kindness extended to me over the last two years that was, at times, staggering.  Bloggers who helped generously as I developed my site.  People who reached out as I watched my mom pass from this world to the next.  Support from parents across the spectrum as we live our way through the crazy.  No matter what they say, the kindness of strangers is alive and well.

Humor is therapeutic.  There’s a time and place for a good old fashioned rant, but humor cleanses my soul like nothing else can.  Writer’s block?  Humor can fix that.  Frustrated?  Humor can help that.  Wondering how I’ll raise these kids without ending up on some List?  Yep, humor can lower that risk, too.

Listen to your instincts.  When I’m fighting my way through a post, hitting wall after wall as I write, it always means something’s off.  I’m taking the wrong approach.  I’m using an inauthentic voice.  The topic doesn’t lend itself to RFTM.  Writing always goes better when I don’t force it, as does life.

Being my full self makes me a better person all around.  I love being a mom, I truly do.  I love my husband and my dogs and volunteering at the school – I wouldn’t give up any of it.  But I found I’d become so intertwined in caring for everyone else that I lost sight of myself, and that set everything off kilter.  I work on RFTM every day, so it might seem like it takes up too much time…but I’m a better human being for it.


For everyone who chooses to read, follow, or comment at Riddle from the Middle, you have my heartfelt appreciation.  I’m grateful that you’ve welcomed me into your space.