Jen Hatmaker is my soul sister, one I admire from afar so I don’t get tagged with stalker status.  Sometimes I feel like we live parallel lives.  Maybe we were separated at birth.  That’s not weird, right?

“I am a smart person.  I was a 4.0 honors student.  I graduated Magna Cum Laude.  I have the capacity to learn new things and retain information.  I love to study and I can make sense of complicated, dense data. 


1.  I cannot ever remember the difference between a walnut and a pecan.  As I sit here thinking about it, I cannot come up with a solid visual of either. 

2.  I cannot, almost ever, spell words correctly that end in -ance or -ence.  Independence, admittance, allegiance, consistence.  I just had to look all those up.  This is why the English language is impossible.  It is also why I lost in the Regional 4th Grade Spelling Bee over “receive” EVEN THOUGH I WAS A BETTER SPELLER THAN JEREMY DOUCET.  IT’S NOT MY FAULT HE GOT AN EASIER WORD AND WENT ON TO DISTRICT. 

How are you dumb (even though you are obviously smart)?”

– Jen Hatmaker, Facebook post, 12-12-16

The comments are just as fabulous.  You should really check them out.


I’m a smart person.  I graduated with a respectable grade point average.  (Not a 4.0 but it was an A so I was happy.)  I earned a Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in Teaching with dual certification.  I love reading, writing, and learning new things.  Photography is my latest love (besides blogging), and I’m good in a crisis.

But yes, Jen is right…even though I am obviously smart, I can still rock the Dumb Bunny t-shirt.

»  I have only a rudimentary understanding of the solar system.  The other day I asked my sixth grader why there are times when we can see the moon during the daytime.  I literally have zero clues about why this happens.

»  All-purpose flour.  Cake flour.  Self-rising flour.  Whole wheat flour.  White whole wheat flour.  Then the recipe calls for “flour.”  Ummm…okay.

»  I am a grown ass woman, yet I still alphabetize things by singing my ABCs.

»  I grasp the concept of directions and can draw a compass rose, but that’s about it.  We live between two major cities and I still have to remind myself I go east toward my sister’s because she’s closer to the coast than me.

»  I have been known to turn a knob or screw the wrong way even while muttering, “lefty loosey, righty tighty.”


How about you?  Any good dumb bunny traits you smart people wanna share?