We are not born with the genetic makeup containing life skills needed for success.  Humans require a decent amount of knowledge acquisition.  Here are just a few of the skills required for successful adulting.

“People think of learning as something that happens primarily in the classroom but our children learn how to “adult” by watching us, by being with us while we do our errands and by taking note of how we behave in any given situation.  When they go off to live their lives we wonder how they will figure everything out.  The following are thirty-three basic life skills that hundreds of parents agree young adults should have mastered by the time they leave us to lead their own lives.

1) They should know how to craft a handwritten note, place it in an envelope, address said envelope, stamp it and mail it.  And, while we are on the topic of mail, they should be able to pick up a package from the post office.  Tip: If you are mailing something oversized or heavy, it may need extra postage (let the nice mailperson at the post office weigh it).”

Here Are the 33 Life Skills Your Kid Needs to Know to “Adult” – Grown & Flown