Monday’s random musings, splashed across the screen for your perusal.

»  Why does Mexican food have so many calories?  It’s completely dee-lish and tastes great with beer (hello, more calories).  Plus almost every dish tastes better with a healthy dose of sour cream and guacamole (hola, mucho calorías).  It seems completely unfair that eating real food that tastes fabulous instead of fast food that tastes fabulous earns me a 1600 calorie count.

»  Why does Gracie insist on stealing clean socks and dropping them in corners that are inevitably covered in dog hair?  Can’t she at least choose the dirty ones?  And why does it take a week or more before I finally stumble onto them?

»  Why are good shoes – I mean, the really good ones – so doggone expensive?  I spent years buying affordable (aka “economical”, aka “cheap”) shoes and paying the balance in blisters and sore feet.  Eventually I had to accept that good (aka “well made”, aka “pricy”) shoes were the only thing that would save me from living at the podiatrist’s office.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize buying leather footwear would require such a drastic increase in our shoe budget.

»  Why do dogs treat new collars like they’re getting jewelry?  We recently ordered collars for the girls, ones that have their names and my phone number embroidered on them, and I thought Phoebe was gonna pass out cold (if dogs can pass out from excitement) when she realized one was hers.

»  Why do fingers always swell at the most inconvenient times?  I’ll admit it, my fingers are a mess anyway – I tell T-man it’s because I cracked my knuckles for most of my life in the (somewhat vain) hope that it’ll convince him to kick the habit.  I’ve found, though, that the chance of my fingers swelling increases exponentially in relation to how badly I want to wear a particular ring.

»  Why, oh why does the closest grocery store only carry my favorite creamer in regular and sugar free?  They offer several other flavors in fat free but this particular one – the only one that matters, really…they never carry the hazelnut in fat free.  It is a serious bummer.

»  Come on, now, I know we’re all thinking this one: why does it always rain right after you get your car washed?

»  We’ve mastered intercontinental travel.  We put a man on the moon.  We’ve landed rovers on Mars.  So why can’t we do something about pollen or the common cold again?  Is this America or what?


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