It’s a run away kind of day.  We all have them…at least I hope we all do, or I just published today’s desperate need with no backup.


I love the lake.  It’s a sanctuary, a place where unexpected things happen.  Somewhere designed to slow my breathing until I remember what it feels like to truly fill my lungs.

Except I forget that the rest of my life comes along, too.  It’s not like we exist in a bubble while we’re here.

Minor car trouble?  Check.  Midling sibling issues?  Check.  Dealing with typical kid stuff after juggling minor car trouble?  Check.

I’m handling business because I’m grown, but at a certain point I hit the wall.  All I wanted was some time on the dock – quiet time, surrounded by birds chirping and water lapping against the shoreline.  A chance to breathe.

Instead I’ve got squabbling small people – one shrieking about wasps, the other telling her to get over it – plus pounding bass and squeals about cold water.  I’d say it’s ironic that I brought noise cancelling headphones to the dock but apparently my subconscious is smarter than I gave her credit for.

You know what doesn’t happen with all this racket?  Happy birds chirping.  Swooping hawks.  Herons landing near the dock.

Pretty much all the peace.  All of the peace stuff doesn’t happen.

It’s a run away kind of day.