So this week’s SOC prompt is “moo” which makes me all dammit, why’d I just write that post about announcing cows when we pass them, that would have been perfect.


Let us unleash the free form creativity and see where it leads us.

We were driving into town for dinner Wednesday when BrightSide actually lowed at the cows as we went by.  It was an excellent imitation, really, and soon Bear chimed in.  T-man, being too cool for school, was mildly mortified.  My best advice for Bear was never to do it while in a pasture since she doesn’t really know what she’s saying.

Parenting seems to be years and years of discussing poo.  What it looks like, where we put it (“Do you want an M&M?  Then poo poo in the potty!”), how often it happens, that no one wants to do it at school…let’s just say we’re in our mid-forties and the topic still comes up occasionally with BrightSide’s mom.

I’ve always thought “loo” was a much more graceful word for where one poos.  Maybe not to the Brits – maybe to them it’s plain old “bathroom” but the word loo feels much more lyrical to me.

I wonder how weird it would be if I started using “loo” instead.

Sometimes I wonder if the kids have forgotten how to just DO.  If they’re so used to plugging in when they’re bored that they’ve forgotten any other way to entertain themselves.  It’s why I was so inordinately pleased when T-man began building a skate ramp (project!) and Bear started teaching herself to draw people.  I play with the idea of unplugging everything for a week but the thought kind of freaks me out.

Which means I probably ought to do it.

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