when the neighbors don’t even stop for a gushing head wound

Let’s just say finding out I’m the neighborhood freak around here wouldn’t exactly be the shock of the decade.

“Once in a while, a thought occurs to me.  It’s not always a good one, but at least it is a thought.

I once saw an episode of ‘The King of Queens’ where Carrie turns to Doug with the revelation, ‘WE’RE he neighborhood freaks!!’  Of course, they were outside their house, having a shouting match regarding some outlandish predicament while the neighbors were hiding behind their curtains.

It hasn’t quite come to that, but I fear it’s only a matter of time.”

We’re The Neighborhood Freaks! | The Snark And I

7 thoughts on “when the neighbors don’t even stop for a gushing head wound

    • To you, too, Jim! After I scheduled this I realized “We’re the neighborhood freaks” might not be your typical Easter fare…then again, Jesus wasn’t exactly a follow the rules kind of guy in his time, either… 😉


  1. We may not be the neighborhood freaks, but we are the Grumpy Old People who don’t like everyone’s kids running all over their property. I’m perfect fine with that. It keeps them away because they don’t want the grief, either.

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    • I just had a vision of you standing on the porch in your housecoat and slippers, shaking a fist at the rug rats cutting across your lawn!! Bwahahahaha!


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